Paolo Rudelli - Paolo Rudelli
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Paolo Rudelli

Paolo Rudelli is a multifaceted artist: set designer, light designer, video maker, choreographer, multimedia artist…

His training is an imaginative blend of technical and artistic studies, which he followed in Italy and France – graduate studies in electronics and computer technology, training in cinematography for film at the INA, as well an undergraduate degree in music and dance with honorable mention and a minor study in musicology at the University of Cremona.

His dance career has brought him to tour across the world, where he met leading figures of the late XXth century, such as Jiří Kylián, Peter Greenaway, William Forsythe, Paco Décina.,etc., with whom he has worked.

Coming from a family of engineers and architects, he entered the world of architecture and set design as a consultant in new technologies and video for various Parisian architects and museum specialists.

In his video creations, his innovative approach treats, among other things, the projection spaces surfaces as living parts of the show. He calls this concept, which has since become his personal touch, “electronic set design.” or Electronic Scenography

His “Light Design” approach, which falls in the tradition of the work done by is Joël Hourbeigt from who Rudelli is deep inspired, can easily be defined as architectural.

Here, the light is not used as a way to illuminate a subject or an object, but rather as a tool to sculpt three-dimensional areas for scenes and create a territory where actors can create emotions.