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Cold ice to warm me
as your memory fades… See More
you are here
with me
no more
and stripped bare
with only my thoughts to pry
I’ll wait
for snow to bury them
then wait some more
until they thaw

here in the wasteland of my thoughts
I scramble over hills
built from my buried past
thoughts unresolved
words unspoken
dreams forgotten

can I never escape from here

backwards and forwards
and sideways and down

up up and up again
and fall right back down

and you here to haunt me
in my weakest hour
and you here to chide me
with that glint in your eye

how dare you smile so sweetly now
caress me now
take these hands that touched me once
take them from my skin
that craves

caress my soul for but one night more
I implore you
stay away from me
come back once more

join me in this barren land
cleanse my soul

my foundations crumble
to nothing more than dust
in this
and this only
now I must trust

and still you return to me
sweet after burn
to make me whole
for a fleeting moment
till once again
no more

backwards and forwards
and sideways and down

up up and up again
and right back down I fall

climbing only to fall back down

and in my nails
the residue of you
wash you away now

turn back time
and in my painful reverie
let me drink you once again

cold ice to warm me
in this cocoon
I now must wait
and stripped to my nakedness
nothing but memories
frozen in time.

© 2009 Tori Wilding

MonoChanel Video PAL DV 16:9 Front Projection on a withe flat wall 300cmx168cm, 6 minutes 54 Seconds, Edition of 5.

music & voice
Norsola Johnson

video by
Paolo Rudelli

Tori Wilding

Ina Stockem & Paolo Rudelli

Collectif Lick the Toad, Orange Call Europe, Caosmos

Shown @ MADRE (Museo d’Arte contemporanea DonnaREgina – Naples, Italy) 2010


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