Tap fusion - Tony B. Video by Paolo Rudelli
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TAP Fusion Promotion Video

Tap Fusion Video with Tony B - © Paolo Rudelli

TAP Fusion Promotion Video

Just finish TAP FUSION promotion video for dancer Tony B.

A Tip Tap which different dance styles are merged, the rhythms are varied depending on the sounds and claquettes follow the feeling of sound. The body moves, accompanied by the rhythmic that pulsing in the energy of the dance. Tap Fusion, a Tip Tap that makes the atmosphere of the origins of this artistic discipline but  disguises itself of conventional remaking classics, rather, it merges with the culture of contemporary dance and becoming to a unique and actual combination in which energy, passion and pleasure of dance are a complementary element of the technical.

[youtube ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pjOvuRxOwg’]


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