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Magic Flute scenography: Flocking Bird / Papageno I Act

Bird - Video Scenography with Blender - Paolo Rudelli

Magic Flute scenography: Flocking Bird / Papageno I Act


WATCH in HD!!!

Blender Render using Cycle engine

This project was made it to create a video (retro)projection for W. A. Mozart – Magic Flute Opera / Papageno I Act scene. Opéra du Rhône production (Switzerland) on a 12 meters screen wide, final projection resolution was 2560×720, 2 Full HD video projection side by side.

Blender Flocking Bird Papageno (787 downloads )

Creative Commoms License

NB: Music is a midi file from IMSLP ( a virtual library of public domain music scores and converted to audio with Merlin ( GM SoundFonts.

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